Hair Transplants – Achieving Your New Head of Hair!

Ever thought about getting a hair transplant? Here’s what you need to know. What is a hair transplant? Hair transplantation is a minor surgical procedure. During the procedure, hair is taken from the back of the head, and is moved to the area where there is hair loss. The area where hair is taken for the […]

But tell me, what causes Acne (A. vulgaris)?

Unfortunately, the cause of acne is not fully understood. Though stress can aggravate acne, it does not cause it. Common acne (also known as acne vulgaris) in teenagers starts with an increase in hormone production. During puberty, both boys and girls produce high levels of androgens, the male sex hormones that include testosterone. Testosterone signals the body to make more sebum, the oil […]

What is acne?

There next few blog posts will look at a subject that is close to most our or hearts… Acne! Nearly everyone has suffered from a pimple outbreak and scars at some point in their life. Acne starts when greasy secretions from the skin’s sebaceous glands clog the tiny openings for hair follicles . If the openings are large, the clogs take […]

How often should I exfoliate my face?

Throughout the day, contaminants wind up on the surface of your skin, clogging your pores. In addition to this, your skin is constantly regenerating cells to help keep your skin healthy. The average adult sheds around 50,000 skin cells each minute as part of this process. Sometimes these skin cells do not fall off the […]

Receiving Red Light Therapy

Interestingly enough, light therapy was first discovered by NASA astronauts as a way to grow plants in space. Other than the blue light therapy, the Red light therapy in dermatology was investigated as doctors noticed an increasing amount of patients who were immune to the normal antibiotic treatments used to get rid of acne. The studies […]

Blue light for Acne

Blue light therapy for acne Blue light therapy technology, is an additional option for the treatment of acne. In fact, research has shown in-office and at-home systems produce positive results for acne sufferers.  The treatment works by killing the acne-causing bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes, or P acnes, which can cause inflammation. P acnes is sensitive […]

Rain or shine, you need to protect your skin!

You don’t need sunscreen when you’re going to work in the early morning or returning home after 6pm, because the UV rays are weaker at those times. But between March and October, a good sunscreen of at least SPF30, should always be used between 11am and 3pm, when the sun is at its highest. This applies even […]