BOTOX at a glance

Procedure type



  • Soften facial creases and wrinkles
  • Reduce fine lines
  • Reduce migraine frequency
  • Relaxed muscles for neurological conditions
  • Lazy eye 
  • Reduce urinary incontinence
  • Relieve contracture or twitching of muscles around eyes
  • Reduce creases around eyebrows, crow’s feets
  • Reduction of excessive sweating

*Results varies with individuals


Small bumps over treated area that will subside within 3 days.

Treated areas

  • Forehead
  • Eyes area
  • Nose areas
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Lips
  • Neck
  • Shoulder

Procedure time

30 – 60 minutes. 

What is BOTOX?

Botox is a drug that weakens or paralyzes muscle. In small doses, it can help reduce wrinkles and help treat certain medical conditions. 

As a neurotoxin, botox target the nervous system, disrupting the nerve signaling processes that stimulate muscle constraction. 

In the right hands, BOTOX can be used to accentuate the eyes and make the entire face more attractive.

There are 3 brands of Botox available : BOTOX, DYSPORT & XEOMIN.


As a medical treatment, botox are known to treat:

  • Upper limb spasticity
  • Crossed eyes
  • Severe underarm sweating
  • Migraine 
  • Symptoms of an overactive bladder
  • Eyelid spasms or blepharospasm
  • Cervical dystonia

As a cosmetic procedure, botox are known to treat:

  • Wrinkles around eyebrows and eyes
  • Crow’s feet
  • Smile lines
  • Square jaws
  • Creases in the forehead
  • lines at the corners of the mouth

How DOES BOTOX work? 

Small, diluted amounts of the chemical are directly injected into muscles. The chemical will then block nerve signals to the muscles. The injected muscle would no longer be able to contract as forcefully, causing the wrinkles to relax and soften.

When an aesthetic physician in Singapore performs a BOTOX injection procedure, they use a fine needle to inject the chemical into a particular region on the face. There may be minimal discomfort but no anaesthesia is required.

BOTOX eXPERIENCE at eha clinic

The treatment area is cleansed, numbing cream is applied.

The doctor then makes multiple injections in the skin.

Mild swelling, redness and soreness can be expected right after treatment. But there should be no problems resuming normal activities.

Treatment time is typically 30 minutes, depending on the site of treatment.


Just like any other treatment, some procedures may not be suitable for certain patients.

Botox is generally not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding individuals. 

It is thus important to get treatments and consultation from an experienced and licensed doctor. 


What can i expect AFTER THE PROCEDURE?

It takes about 3 to 7 days for the BOTOX injection to take full effect.

However, it is important to note that the effect is not permanent. A BOTOX injection will last approximately 4 to 6 months. After which, the muscles will begin to tighten again, and wrinkles will re-appear. It is recommended that BOTOX be injected again then, should you wish to maintain the effect.

In addition, not all wrinkles can be treated by BOTOX. Wrinkles created by sun damage and gravity will not respond to a BOTOX treatment. Do consult your doctor before proceeding with the treatment. 

*Results may vary with individuals


Botox are generally safe. 

Some mild side effects such as swelling, bruising, redness, pain, itching and rash that will go away within a week. 

There are also rare side effects such as the toxin spreading in the your body. 

Do contact your provider if these effects occur weeks after receiving Botox: 

  • Muscle weakness
  • Vision problems
  • Speech issues or swallowing
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Loss of bladder control


Visible bumps, redness and swelling on the skin can be observed after treatment, the effects are temporary and lasts only a few hours. 

The effects of botox are not permanent and typically lasts 4 – 6 months.  

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