Double Chin?

A double chin, often referred to as submental fat, is a buildup of fat along the neck and under the chin.

Ageing, gaining weight, heredity, and hormonal changes are just a few of the causes.

Why are double chin concerning for people?

The balance and proportion of the face as a whole can be thrown off by a double chin, giving the face an unbalanced appearance.

A buildup of extra fat under the chin and around the neck may be a risk factor for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

A double chin can give the face a heavier, older appearance and cause some people to feel self-conscious.

Non-invasive Treatments Available


A non-surgical fat reduction procedure called CoolSculpting uses controlled chilling to destroy fat cells.

The medical professional will use an applicator and gel pad to treat the affected area. The applicator gently cools the fat that is being targeted.

After that, the practitioner will slide the apparatus over your skin while applying suction and cooling technologies to the desired location.

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A non-surgical alternative for reducing the appearance of a double chin is filler treatment. In order to add volume and contour to the chin area, the process includes injecting a hyaluronic acid filler, such as Juvederm or Restylane.

The effects are transient and usually disappear after 6 to 12 months.

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Injectable Neurotoxins

A neurotoxin with multiple aesthetic and therapeutic uses, botox is also known as botulinum toxin. It can be used off-label for treating a double chin even though the FDA has not authorized it for this use.
In order to reduce the appearance of a double chin, Injectable Neurotoxins relaxes the muscles in the treated region. Typically, individuals with mild to moderate submental fullness are advised to receive this treatment.
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A non-surgical cosmetic procedure called a “thread lift” employs threads that dissolve to tighten and lift sagging skin. The treatment of a double chin can also be accomplished with this process.
Small, resorbable threads are inserted beneath the epidermis in the chin region during a thread lift to treat a double chin. The skin is then lifted and tightened by pulling on these threads, creating a smoother, more defined jawline and lessening the look of a double chin.
The operation can be carried out in-office, and it usually takes an hour to finish.
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High-Intensity Focused Ultra Sound

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that tightens and lifts the epidermis using concentrated ultrasound energy. Additionally, a double jawline can be treated with it.
The doctor applies concentrated ultrasound energy to the submental region with a handheld instrument during HIFU treatment for a double chin.
The heat generated by this energy causes the tissues to tighten and lift as a result, which lessens the look of a double chin. It can be done in-office, and it usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to finish.
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Radiofrequency Treatment

A non-invasive cosmetic procedure known as radiofrequency (RF) therapy employs radiofrequency energy to heat tissues and promote the production of collagen. Additionally, a double jawline can be treated with it.
A handheld device is used by the medical practitioner to deliver radiofrequency energy to the submental region during RF treatment for a double chin.
This energy heats up the tissues and stimulates collagen production, resulting in a lifting and tightening effect that reduces the appearance of a double chin. It can be done in-office, and it usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to finish.
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Ultrasound Skin Lifting Therapy

Ultrasound technology to enhance lines and wrinkles on the upper chest and lifts the neck, chin, and brow. Energy is precisely delivered with ultrasound imaging to the areas of your body that will help you the most.
An picture is projected onto a screen using a smooth applicator, much like a pregnancy sonogram. Then, ultrasound energy is applied to the skin at an exact depth using the same machine.
The entire treatment will take a total of about 60 minutes.
At EHA, we utilize Ultherapy for this treatment. 
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