About Dr. Elias Tam

Since he began practicing professionally in 1993, Dr Elias Tam has made a commitment to furthering the technical standards of aesthetic medicine within the region. With this in mind he established EHA Clinic, which offers patients a wide range of medical aesthetic treatments for the face, body and hair, FDA-approved medical devices and procedures, ranging from FUE hair transplants to non-surgical face-lifting, medical facials, fat freezing, body sculpting, botox and filler treatments.

Associations and chapters 

Dr Elias Tam was the past President of the Singapore section (2018-2019), one of the International Executive Council Members and the Secretary of Pacific Federation of The International College of Surgeons (2016-2021), the World Treasurer for the International Executive Committee, and an ex-membership committee member of the Asia Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons and a committee member of the Society of Men’s Health of Singapore.

Medical trainer and lecturer 

Dr Elias Tam was appointed as the Clinical Lecturer at University College London, the only aesthetic medical doctor, and only doctor from Asia to be bestowed this honour. He is also a speaker on the international circuit of Aesthetic Medicine conferences and seminars. 

Dr Tam started the Myface Cadaveric Workshop in 2010 to provide advanced hands-on training for doctors, and the Myface Public Forum to empower the public and help clear up any myths and misinformation about aesthetic treatments.

With the goal of expanding on the skill-sets of both established medical practitioners and newcomers to the industry, Dr Elias Tam has conducted training (and is also a trainer) for various pharmaceutical companies (including Galderma, Allergan, Merz, Ipsen and A-menarini), as well as for laser applications.

Having now worked over 20 years in aesthetic medicine, Dr Tam is a firm believer in sharing and disseminating his knowledge and experience, for the benefit of new and upcoming doctors. With that intention, he hopes that this website can function as a resource base and point of reference for all practitioners in the field.

Interests and hobbies 

Beyond his own practice and research, Dr Tam also extends his services and expertise to charitable organisations. Among these is an initiative launched in July 2009 by the Yellow Ribbon Project and GiGatt International to help former gang members seek employability and reintegrate into society.

He says of his work, “I have encountered numerous ex-offenders and prison inmates who wanted to start afresh and I encourage their decision to do so. Those tattoos are a reminder of their bad past and removing them helps the public see them in a different light.

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