Flat Nose

A flat nose is characterised by a low bridge or a lack of definition.

This can be because of heredity, an injury, or prior nose surgery, among other things. Among the issues with a flat nose are:

Lack of symmetry – A flat nose can give off an unbalanced image, which can make some people feel self-conscious.

Reduced nasal function – A flat nose can also have an adverse effect on nasal function, making it challenging to breathe effectively.

How can a Threadlift help?

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The shape of the nose is not usually addressed with threadlift, as was previously stated. In order to lift and tighten sagging regions of the face, biodegradable threads are inserted beneath the epidermis. It is not intended to alter the nose’s makeup or shape.
There are a number of ways to improve the looks of a flat nose, including rhinoplasty, dermal fillers, and nose thread lift. These procedures can help to enhance facial symmetry and give the nose a more defined bridge and tip.

Concerned about your Flat Nose?

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