iGrow at a glance

Procedure type

LED Laser Treatment.


  • Suspend hair loss
  • Return thin hair to fuller, thicker & healthier state

*Results varies with individuals


No downtime. 

Treated areas

  • Scalp

Procedure time

20 Minutes.

What is igrow?

iGrow is a treatment that uses LED lights and high quality lasers to stimulate hair growth on the scalp. When undergoing the treatment, the patient will wear a helmet-like device on their head. When switched on, the device will use low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to stimulate cellular activity on the scalp thereby facilitating the growth of each hair follicle.

Clinical trials have shown that patients can expect hair growth of up to 40% with the use of iGrow. To achieve this result, we recommend using iGrow every 3 to 4 days, but this number varies from patient to patient.

iGrow is a prime FDA-approved treatment for hair loss or hair thinning on both men and women, resulting in a fuller, thicker and healthier-looking head of hair.

Before your first treatment, you will meet with Dr Elias Tam of EHA Clinic, who has over 20 years of medical experience. In this one-on-one consultation, Dr Tam will answer any concerns or queries you may have about iGrow, or any other treatment that EHA Clinic offers.


iGrow are known to treat:

  • Hair loss
  • Improvement in overall appearance

How iGrow workS? 

Non-invasive low-level light therapy (LLLT) at a scientifically-established and clinically-proven wavelength (approximately 655 nanometers) can re-energize unhealthy hair follicle cells, stimulate and stabilize the production of fuller, thicker and healthier hair. When used consistently, LLLT has been shown to treat the primary effects of thinning hair. 


iGrow eXPERIENCE at eha clinic

The doctor will do a consultation to determine suitability of patient. 

iGrow helmet is applied to the whole scalp. When wearing the device, patients can perform recreational activities such as using their phone, or watching television. 

The procedure is painless with a slight heating sensation on the scalp. 

Each session takes about 20 minutes. 

What can i expect AFTER THE PROCEDURE?

iGrow laser treatment takes four to six month to treat hair thinning and loss. 

*Results may vary with individuals


Patients are recommended to take care of their hair with treatments and hair gardening methods.


interested in iGrow? 

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