IPL at a glance

Procedure type

Intense Pulsed Light.


Smooth skin and reduced hair growth. Reduced fine lines & wrinkles, sun spots and hyperpigmentation. 

*Results varies with individuals



Treated areas

Face, body & leg.

Procedure time

30 minutes. 

What is Intensed Pulse Light(IPL) Therapy?  

IPL is a device designed to reverse ageing by photo-shower, cell-toning and vascular lesions mode. Cell-toning technology approaches pigment lesions (melasma & PIH) safely by using pulse duration in microsecond. The repeated micro lights in cell-toning pulse specifically targets the surrounding areas and to increase the temperature of melanin, destroying it in the process. IPL also encourages the production of collagen, allowing for the skin to look younger and plumper.

The IPL features 8 interchangeable filters, with various shower and toning for different treatment concerns. 


IPL is also known as a treatment option for:

  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Hair removal
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Sun spots and rosacea
  • Dark spots, 
  • Melasma
  • Freckles
  • Skin redness
  • Large pores.

It is suitable for application on the face, neck, body and legs. 

At EHA, we utilize Cellec IPL for our intense pulsed light therapy. 

How does IPL work? 

The IPL light beam is altered through the use of different filters, which can change the target cells of the treatment light. The IPL’s ( non laser) light is focused on hyper-pigmented spots on the skin, or individual hair follicles, and then uses the process of photothermolysis to treat skin with combined light and heat energy. 

The Photo Shower technology uses continuous 180 pulses/minute allowing for a quick and safe technology. 

By applying multiple sub-pulses created by sub-dividing a single pulse of energy, unnecessary thermal damage to surrounding tissue is reduced, decreasing pain during procedure and increasing the results.


the IPL x eha eXPERIENCE

The treatment area is cleansed, Numbing cream is applied.

Protective eyewear is given to protect your eyes from the bright flashes of light. 

A cooling gel is applied to lubricate the device and to cool the epidermis during treatment. 

Treatment is close to painless as the doctor runs the handpiece over the treatment area. General warmness on the skin may be felt and the laser feels as if a rubber band is lightly snapping on the skin.

Treatment time is typically 20-30 minutes, depending on the site of treatment.


What can i expect from IPL?

Expect Smoother skin post treatment. During the healing phase, you will experience some darkening of the skin. 

Hair fall may be expected anytime from 3 weeks onwards. As the hair follicles at any one point in time are in different phases of the hair growth cycle. Some people may require maintenance laser treatments.

Individual results may vary.


Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible and be diligent in your application and reapplication of sunblock. 

It is recommended to do the initial 3 – 4 sessions 3 – 4 weeks apart. After which, single maintenance treatments at 6 – 12 months for longer lasting effects. 

**It is important to find a certified and trained professional to conduct this procedure. Burns may be experienced if conducted by an unskilled. 

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