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eCO2 Fractional Laser

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eCO2 Fractional Laser

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eCO2 Fractional Laser at a glance

Procedure Type

Procedure Type

Fractional laser

Skin Improvement


Lightening of acne scar & pigmentation
Softer, fairer and taut skin
Lessen fine lines & wrinkles.

*Results varies with individuals



Redness, swelling, scabs and peeling may be experienced that usually goes off in 3–5 days

Treated Areas

Face, neck, body

Procedure Time

Procedure Time

30 minutes

What is MOSAIC eCO2 Fractional Laser?

eCO2 Fractional Laser is basically a fractional skin-peeling laser system that is increasingly being employed for the treatment of acne scars or spots that remain after acne treatment.  The system can be applied safely on different parts of the scar as opposed to the conventional 100% full layer skin peeling lasers. This solution does not require a very long recovery period and it does not have any serious side effects. FRACTIONAL ECO2 Laser can also effectively remodel various categories of deformed scars and tissue.

What can Fractional eCO2 treat?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars and large pores
  • Skin laxity
  • Sun damaged and ageing skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Stretch marks

It is suitable for application on the face, neck and body.
Here at EHA Clinic, we provide the Mosaic eCO2 Laser. 

How does Fractional eCO2 work?

MOSAIC eCO2 Machine

The eCO2 system basically heats and vaporizes skin tissue to get rid of any superficial skin layers. This process induces some degree of skin regeneration. It allows you to easily achieve total improvement for various kinds of skin diseases that you might be suffering from. 

Your Fractional eCO2 experience at EHA Clinic

The treatment area is cleansed. Numbing cream is applied.

The doctor then makes multiple passes around the area. A prickling sensation can be felt.

Mild swelling, redness and soreness can be expected right after treatment.
But there should be no problems resuming normal activities.

Treatment time is typically 30 minutes, depending on the site of treatment.

Fractional Laser Procedure

Meet your EHA Clinic Doctors

Dr. Elias Tam Portrait Rectangle

Dr. Elias Tam, the Doctor Trainer

Dr. Elias Tam, with over 30 years in medicine, leads EHA Clinic, focusing on advancing technical standards in aesthetic medicine. He holds the position of Clinical Lecturer at University College London, a distinctive honour as the sole aesthetic medical doctor and the only doctor from Asia in this role. Throughout his many years as an aesthetic doctor, Dr. Tam has held multiple hands-on training sessions and seminars, sharing his vast knowledge and expertise with aspiring doctors in the field.

Under his guidance, EHA Clinic offers a safe and comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments for the face, body, and hair; including FDA-approved procedures such as hair transplants, non-surgical face-lifting, body sculpting, fillers and other injectable treatments.

Dr. Jane Pang Portrait Rectangle

Dr. Jane Pang

Dr. Jane Pang holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Malaya and is registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). With special interest in Women’s Health, and a wealth of expertise in a variety of aesthetic treatments.

Not only that, Dr. Pang’s diverse medical background in General Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery, and Paediatric Medicine further enriches her practice at EHA Clinic.

Dr. Jane Pang Portrait Rectangle

What to expect after procedure

Skin will appear softer, fairer and blemishes are lightened within a week. The benefits of the treatment continues over the next few months as the skin continues to regenerate.

*Individual results may vary according to existing condition.

Post-treatment care

Once you use this system for acne scar removal, you will experience skin tightening almost immediately. This type of treatment removes sun spots, decreases pore size, lessens wrinkling, and gets rid of acne scars through a process commonly referred to as tissue coagulation.  Ultimately, there will be progressive skin improvement as a result of continuous collagen production.

*It is important to find a certified and trained professional to conduct this procedure. 

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