Teleconsult Services

Now available with EHA Clinic and EHA Healthcare Clinic @ Jurong

With our new Teleconsult service, you can:

  • Be issued an eMC and referral letter
  • Have your medication or skin care products delivered to your desired location with a delivery fee of $8
  • Consult with Dr. Tam on any of your usual treatments and new concerns from pigmentation to acne and hair transplants.
  • Consult the doctor on all your medical ailments, from fever, flu, cough, pain, diarrhoea and vomiting, joint pain, rashes, headaches etc.
    (only available for EHA Healthcare Clinic @ Jurong).

Teleconsult Service Prices

  • $50 for consultation below 15 minutes
  • $80 for consultation above 15 minutes
*Prices quoted is not inclusive of the cost of medication

To schedule an e-consultation for EHA Clinic or to find out more, please call 9696 5248.

To schedule an e-consultation for EHA Healthcare Clinic @ Jurong or to find out more, please call 6566 0257.