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Skin Application.


Rejuvenated, healthy and young skin.

*Results varies from individuals


There’s no downtime for Universkin.

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Procedure time

Daily application is advised once a customised formula is developed.

What is universkin?

Since its inception, Universkin has sought to empower doctors, providing them with the tools to create each individual’s ideal, tailor-made skincare to help them achieve results.

We are talking about doctor-prescribed skincare products that are created on the spot, specifically for your unique skin condition and concerns.

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The origin of universkin

Universkin is the story of a group of doctors who had a common dream: Finding the best treatment to take care of the skin of their patients and the most effective approach to fighting chronic inflammation. Listen to Dr. Harry Arampatzis, CEO of Universkin, to know more about Universkin’s DNA and ambitions.

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What does universkin treat?

Universkin’s approach to skincare introduces formulas that can be made-to-measure, to meet your unique needs. From ageing to pigmentation to scaring, products are customised and created on the spot to address your specific concerns.

How it works?

Our approach is simple: creating skincare that works, by allowing doctors to adapt the active ingredients,

their concentrations, and the duration of the prescription to fit each customers unique needs.

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Consult with Dr. Elias Tam: Your one-to-one skincare includes the doctor’s consultation fees and the cost of the Universkin skincare kit. As Dr Tam might need more time or active ingredients to meet your skin concerns, the price for one bespoke serum may vary. Should you choose not to purchase the Universkin skincare kit: you will only be charged for Dr Tam’s consultation fee.

Continue: One serum will last between 6 and 8 weeks according to the direction for use (4 to 6 drops day and/or night). As your skin and the environmental factors around you change, your formula will evolve too.

You no longer need to settle for mass-produced skincare products that don’t deliver results. With UNIVERSKIN, your skincare is made to order on the spot.

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More than just a skincare, a treatment plan specific to your skin


Superoxide Dismutase, or SOD, is a free radical scavenger, balances out the number of excess radicals, ultimately protecting the skin from unnecessary damages. SOD soothes the skin and helps to combat photo-ageing.

Ferulic Acid

Ferulic Acid is a powerful antioxidant. It diminishes the skin free radicals and, therefore, helps slowing the aging process.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can be used to treat and prevent changes associated with photoaging, hyperpigmentation, skin redness, and skin dryness. Being acidic to the skin, it has exfoliating properties.


The soy isoflavones act on the signs of hormonal skin aging. Its antioxidant function helps regulate the pigmentation, and thus improve the radiance of the complexion. It also helps to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin.


DMAE or dimethylaminoethanol, is the natural precursor of acetylcholine (Ach) and serves as a skin tensor, producing a short-term “lifting effect” and in the long term, improves the firmness of the skin, reduces sagging and decreases wrinkles.


An active ingredient derived from Centella asiatica, a medicinal plant that has been used for over 2000 years, Madecassoside is proven to stimulate collagen synthesis and control inflammation.


A derivative of Vitamin A, retinol stimulates collagen and elastic fibers synthesis, regulates hyperpigmentation and helps to prevent dark spots. It also act as an exfoliant agent.

Vitamin B3

Niacinamide, or Vitamin B3, serves to control skin inflammation, especially inflammation related to acne. It also improves dry skin and regulates hyperpigmentation.


It protects and strengthen the blood vessels, thereby preventing visible “broken veins” on the surface. Additionally, it drains and improves lymphatic circulation.

Aloe Vera

With wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation, aloe vera stimulates skin healing and regeneration, provides intense hydration and improves the skin’s natural firmness.

Vitamin B5

Derived from Vitamin B5, D-Panthenol contributes to a better skin hydration by repairing the cutaneous barrier.

Glycolic Acid

This smallest molecule of naturally occurring ‘fruit acid’ penetrates within the skin to stimulate elimination of dead cells (so-called exfoliation mechanism). The skin looks healthy, radiant and transparent.

Salicylic Acid

A strong anti-inflammatory, salicylic acid unclogs blackheads and whiteheads by breaking up the cells in the lining of the skin pore. In addition, its powerful keratolytic action allows dead skin cells to shed more easily.

Phytic Acid

A natural plant antioxidant and skin-lightening, moisturizing agent, phytic acid blocks melanin formation thanks to its antioxidant and chelating properties.


Zinc has been shown to actively regulate sebum production and efficiently cleanse the skin.



This agent interferes with tyrosinase’s production of melanin in order to treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Kojic Acid

Kojic acid penetrates the skin to limit melanin production and minimizes the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation and post-breakout scars.


Lactopeptide is a leaven issue from a natural probiotic. It has antibacterial (so-called bacteriocin), anti-inflammatory and seboregulatory actions. It rebalances the cutaneous flora.


Active ingredients

There are 19 selected active ingredients based on their efficacy and tolerance. Up to three active ingredients can be combined by your doctor when creating each of your bespoke morning and evening serums for targeted results.

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