What is Plump Lip?

Lips that are plumped up are those that are full, rounded, and have more volume; they are frequently the consequence of cosmetic procedures like lip injections or the use of lip-plumping products.

Treatments Available

Dermal fillers

To give the lips more volume, hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are frequently utilized.

In order to give the lips a larger, plumper appearance, filler is injected into the lips.

The results can last up to many months, and the procedure is rapid and virtually painless.


Lip lifts

Enhancing the form and volume of the lips surgically is possible.

To make the cupid’s bow more apparent and raise the lip, a small bit of skin from the upper lip must be removed during this surgery.

The effects of this therapy are long-lasting.


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