A Smooth, Hairless Body Is Within Your Reach

Hairless Body

Body hair can be a woman’s worst nightmare. Any part of a woman’s body surrounded by unwanted body hair is often perceived as being unwomanly or masculine.

While some women have little to no body hair, many still struggle with unwanted hair, particularly the armpits, and on the legs. These women usually shave or pluck the hair in those areas, and have to schedule in monthly waxes or daily shaving to keep their body smooth and hair free.

There are also risks associated with other hair removal options. With shaving, the shaved area may get infected. With waxing, there is a possibility of burning the skin. The IPL removal method can be more painful and burn the skin more easily.

Instead, for women and men who wish to achieve a completely hairless body, laser hair removal is the most effective method. This treatment, practised by many aesthetic clinics in Singapore, aims a concentrated laser beam at the hair. Pigments in the hair then absorbs the light, and is damaged slightly, stunting any future hair growth. Over a period of several months, you will notice a gradual decreasing and thinning of the hair in the treated area. The result is a permanent removal of hair in those areas.

However, do note that each treatment can only stunt the growth of hair in active hair follicles. Not all follicles are active at the same time. As such, you will likely need 6 or more treatments on the same area over the course of several months for hair to be completely removed.

How can we help?

EHA Clinic offers permanent laser hair removal using Soprano XLi. Unlike other hair removal treatments, Soprano XLi is generally painless. Patients who undergo the treatment have reported a slight, warm feeling during the procedure.

Dr Elias Tam, the Medical Director of EHA Clinic, has over 20 years of medical experience. Before the treatment begins, the nurses will apply a cooling gel to help ease any discomfort you may feel during the treatment.

If required, Dr Tam may suggest you undergo sessions with a stronger setting. This varies from patient to patient, and the area being treated.

Soprano XLi is also great because it can be used on all skin types. This is different from some other laser hair removal treatments, that can only be used on lighter skin tones. Soprano XLi can be used on tanned skin and dark skin, making it suitable for all ethnicities.

Soprano XLi may be used on almost all areas on the body. Commonly treated areas include the forearms, underarms, chest, bikini area and legs. If you would like to treat any other area, do consult with Dr Tam.

Finally, Soprano XLi also has an interesting side effect of tightening the skin on the treated areas, due to the near infra-red energy that is emitted from the device. This energy stimulates the skin’s production of collagen, a protein that helps skin maintain its elasticity.

With so many benefits, Soprano XLi may be your much-needed solution to body hair problems. Contact EHA Clinic at 6235 3325 today to book an appointment for Soprano XLi.

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