Cool-sculpting: A Lady’s Best Friend!

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There is truly nothing more frustrating than being really good with your diet and exercise, only to still have those stubborn pockets of fat that unfortunately have to situate themselves in unattractive areas like your arms (think bingo wings), inner and outer thighs, (think major chaffing and saddle bags) or your lower belly – which altogether helps to make dressing up fashionably, simply impossible.

With crop tops, sleeveless items, shorts, in fact, short anything, out of the picture, you are basically not left with much you can actually wear, except for perhaps a bed sheet. This is why most of us ladies have been scouring the internet in search of a treatment that will decimate those unwanted lumps and bumps without emptying the contents of our CPF account.

While most of us are not too keen on going under the knife – because, well for starters, it’s a knife and it’s scary and the bill at the end of the day is not going to be covered by our insurance policy, which is even scarier – we are all aware of the risks and downtime associated with any surgical procedure.

This is why a lunchtime procedure that won’t leave us crying on the inside while we settle the bill, makes more sense.

Enter Coolsculpting by Zeltiq, a fat-freezing treatment that employs Cryolypolisis (a fancy way of saying that it freezes the fat cells to death) to remove small pockets of stubborn fat in just one hour with no downtime. The treatment is painless, with just mild discomfort at the beginning for those of you ladies who have zero tolerance for any form of pain.

Where can you find this miraculous machine? Only at an aesthetic clinic because this machine is medical grade and can only be used by a medical doctor, which makes a person feel more confident, what with all the horror stories you read about in the newspapers about botched beauty and slimming treatments at dodgy salons and spas.

Once you find an aesthetic clinic that you like and trust, see if they carry the Coolsculpting machine and schedule an appointment with the doctor, who will evaluate you and see if you are suitable for the treatment. During the treatment, you can take a nap, surf the web, watch a movie or even read a magazine – how you spend the time is up to you.

Afterward, the treated area will be cleaned and you will be advised to massage it daily to help flush away those dead fat cells. Be patient, your body needs about two to three months to eradicate the fat cells and for you to see the full results.

So if you have those annoying pockets of fat that are just ruining your otherwise perfect silhouette, check out Coolsculpting or call your aesthetic clinic to find out if they offer the treatment.

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