FUE Hair Transplant Singapore: A Safe Way to Get Your Hair Back

FUE Hair Transplant Design Phase

Dealing with hair loss? FUE hair transplant is very safe. In fact, you can get the treatment without any hospital confinement. No stitches are associated with this type of hair restoration and there is only minimal scarring. FUE stands for Follicle Unit Extraction, which is a hair transplantation technique that can yield visible results within a week after the treatment. Skilled FUE hair transplant specialists in Singapore will ensure the proper handling of harvest donor hair.

Digital Maps

Before anything else, a digital map of your scalp will be created by your doctor.  This map will reveal where the hair grafts need to be placed. It will also give the patient a clear idea of where they should expect natural looking hair to begin growing.  The targeted bald spots can be completely eliminated within nine months. FUE hair transplant Singapore is completely safe and approved by different regulatory agencies, making the concept of hair restoration surgery less intimidating to patients.  The procedure often has better results than more traditional forms of hair restoration.


It is said that our hair is our crowning glory and often, hair loss also leads to a drop in confidence. Becoming more confident is one of the benefits that can be experienced by people who choose to undergo the FUE method. What makes the treatment even more appealing is the fact that it does not take long to do, especially when patients already have an idea of what their donor hair should look like. Even if the full effect of the treatment takes a few months to show, self-confidence can quickly be achieved as patients can go about their day right after the procedure.

Donor Base

A patient who wants to have blonde and curly hair may in fact have a very small donor base to work from, but with FUE, that preferred type of hair can be achieved. A number of companies that offer this procedure also offer coupons to patients, allowing them to save as much two hundred and fifty dollars. Undoubtedly, FUE is something that can help you feel more comfortable in public, eliminating the shame of having a balding head.


A patient with limited scalp elasticity may also want to try the procedure.  It is important to ask your aesthetic centre that you visit about any concerns you may have about FUE hair transplant Singapore.

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