‘Cryo-Lipo’: Freezing Away Unwanted Fat

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What can you do to fat that just refuses to budge? Even after strenuous dieting and exercise, your love handle or tummy pouch just won’t go away. In such situations, you may decide to consider aesthetic procedures to reduce or remove the fat cells, such as cryolipolysis.

Cryolipolysis, or ‘cryo-lipo’ fat freezing, is a new procedure that uses extreme cold to destroy fat cells in your stomach or inner thigh.

Advantages of Cryo-Lipo

Unlike traditional liposuction, the procedure is completely non-invasive, and can be carried out at any reputable aesthetic clinic. It is best applied for the purposes of light or moderate sculpting, by helping to reduce the localised fatty deposits and wobbly fat found on the affected areas.

Unlike other fat-reduction treatments such as non-invasive laser, cryo-lipo doesn’t only empty the fat cells in the area; it completely removes them.

Fat freezing is also quicker and more effective. The results take one to three months. Stack treatment may be done on the same area immediately after the first session to improve the result.

The treatment is also highly targeted, making it different from other fat loss programmes that offer general “inch loss” or “waist loss”.

Cryolipolysis is developed as a viable way to reduce body fat without surgery and is also more cost-effective and time-saving than the common surgical procedures.

How Cryo-Lipo works

During treatment, the fatty area being treated will be sucked up into an applicator, where it is chilled till the fat cells die but leave other neighbouring tissues unharmed. This comes after the discovery that exposure to low temperatures can selectively damage subcutaneous fat, while leaving the skin completely intact.

The treatment also uses a powerful vacuum to keep the pressure and temperature in the affected area constant.

The treated fat cells are crystallised due to the cold, and then die. Over time, your body will naturally process and eliminate these dead fat cells, leaving you looking more sculpted than before.

Cryo-lipo fat freezing has been proven to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat by around 25% in the treatment area in one treatment.

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