How Your Face Betrays Your Age?


After we reach a certain age, we can’t help but start to worry about growing older. Being called ‘ah ma’ while in your 30s can sting, hard, which is why many of us wish we could simply reverse the ageing process, to look forever young. While the market is flooded with many anti-ageing products that claim to slow down ageing, or even completely reverse it, you are never sure whether the products actually work. So how does one turn back the clock?

To understand that, we must first understand how the signs of ageing appear on our bodies. As we begin to grow older, our bodily functions begin to slow down. Chemicals that we once produced in abundance start becoming more scarce. One such example is a protein known as collagen, which gives our skin strength and elasticity. When collagen production is reduced, your skin becomes less elastic and more fragile. Wrinkles begin to form too, as your skin turns drier, thinner and less elastic. As you age, the wrinkles will become more pronounced.

So, how do we slow down the signs of aging?

Thankfully, the rapid advancement of aesthetic medicine has resulted in the discovery of new ways to reduce the effects of agining. One method is BOTOX, which helps to remove wrinkles from the face by relaxing the muscles underneath the skin. BOTOX injections are incredibly common among celebrities who wish to look younger, mainly because it is quick to administer, and delivers natural-looking results when performed by an experienced medical professional. A few days after the injection, the wrinkles will appear far less obvious. One BOTOX treatment only takes 15 minutes, and you may resume your everyday life immediately after leaving the clinic.

BOTOX can also be a preventive measure against wrinkles. You can opt to inject BOTOX before wrinkles form, to relax the associated muscles. That way, the wrinkles will not form on the skin. Patients as young as 30 years old are already opting for the BOTOX treatment as a preventive measure against wrinkles.

The effects of BOTOX, however, are not permanent. Typically the effects of a single BOTOX injection lasts about 3 to 6 months. You can then review your previous results and decide whether you would like to have another treatment.

When considering which clinic to have your BOTOX injection in, it is important to select a doctor who is experienced with the substance, as wrong administration of BOTOX can lead to very undesirable results.

Dr Elias Tam of EHA Clinic is the perfect doctor to administer your BOTOX. With over 20 years of medical experience and 10 years of experience with the substance, Dr Tam will ensure your BOTOX injection goes smoothly and is done well.

Before your first session, you will have a consultation with Dr Tam, who will be able to clarify any doubts or queries you may have about the treatment.

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